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Common Names—W
Common Name Scientific Name
Wafer Ash Ptelea trifoliata
Wahoo Euonymus atropurpureus
Wake Robin Trillium erectum
Wake Robin, Ozark Trillium pusillum var. ozarkanum
Wake Robin, Purple Trillium recurvatum
Walking Fern Asplenium rhizophyllum
Walkingstick, Devil's Aralia spinosa
Walnut, Arizona Juglans major
Walnut, Black Juglans nigra
Walnut, Indian Aleurites moluccana
Wang-la Gymnadenia conopsea
Water Ash Ptelea trifoliata
Water Avens Geum rivale
Water Dragon Saururus cernuus
Water Dragon, Chinese Saururus chinensis
Water Hemlock Cicuta maculata
Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes
Water Hyssop Bacopa monnieri
Water Cabbage Pistia stratoides
Water Lettuce Pistia stratoides
Water Lettuce with American Alligator Pistia stratoides and Alligator missouriensis
Water Lily; Fragrant Water Lily Nymphaea odorata
Water Pennywort Hydrocotyle bonariensis
Water Plantain Alisma plantago-aquatica
Water Platter Victoria amazonica
Water Willow Justicia americana
Watercress Nasturtium officinale (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum)
Waterlily; Fragrant Waterlily Nymphaea odorata
Waterlily, Amazon Giant Victoria amazonica
Waterlily Cultivars, Hardy Nymphaea spp.
Waterlily Cultivars, Tropical Nymphaea spp.
Waterlily, Santa Cruz Victoria cruziana
Waterleaf Hydrophyllum virginianum
Waterleaf, Appendaged Hydrophyllum appendiculatum
Waterleaf, Great Hydrophyllum appendiculatum
Waterleaf, Largeleaf Hydrophyllum macrophyllum
Waterleaf, Pacific Hydrophyllum tenuipes
Waterleaf, Virginia Hydrophyllum virginianum
Wattle, Sweet Acacia farnesiana
Wavyleaf Purple Coneflower Echinacea simulata
Wax Myrtle Myrica cerifera
Wax Myrtle, Southern Myrica cerifera
Weed, Garlic Petiveria alliacea
Weed, Horny Goat Epimedium grandiflorum
Weeping Cherry Prunus subhirtella subsp. pendula
Weeping Fig Ficus benjamina
Weeping Willow Salix babylonica
Wei ling xian Clematis chinensis
Wei-zi Schisandra chinensis
West Indian Tree Fern Cyathea arborea
Western Arborvitae Thuja plicata
Western Balsam Fir Abies concolor
Western Bracken Fern Pteridium aquilinum
Western Columbine Aquilegia formosana
Western Coneflower Rudbeckia occidentalis
Western Ironweed Vernonia baldwinii
Western Mugwort Artemisia douglasiana
Western Redbud Cercis occidentalis
Western Sagebrush Artemisia californica
Western Spirea Spiraea douglasii
Western Sycamore Platanus wrightii
Western Wild Ginger Asarum caudatum
Wheat Triticum aestivum
Wheat Bran Triticum aestivum
Wheat Germ Triticum aestivum
Wheatgrass Triticum aestivum
Whip-Poor-Will Flower Trillium cuneatum
White Angel's Trumpet Brugmansia candida
White Ash Fraxinus americana
White Asphodel Asphodelus albus
White Avens Geum canadense
White Baneberry Actaea pachypoda
White Bergamot Monarda bradburiana
White Birch; Paper Birch Betula papyrifera
White Bog Orchid Platanthera dilatata
White Bryonia Bryonia alba
White Campion Lychnis alba
White Cedar, Eastern Thuja occidentalis
White Clover Trifolium repens
White European Birch Betula pendula
White False Hellebore Veratrum album
White Fawnlily Erythronium albidum
White Fir Abies concolor
White-flowered Leafcup Polymnia canadensis
White Frangipani Plumeria alba
White Ginger Hedychium coronarium
White Ginger Lily Hedychium coronarium
White Hellebore Veratrum viride
White Lace Flower Orlaya grandiflora
White Leafcup Polymnia canadensis
White Marsh Marigold Caltha leptosepala spp. howellii
White Meadowseet Spiraea alba var. latifolia
White Milkweed Asclepias variegata
White Mulberry Morus alba
White Mustard Seeds Sinapsis alba
White Oak Quercus alba
White Peony Paeonia lactiflora (white)
White Pine Pinus strobus
White Poplar Populus deltoides
White Sagebrush Artemisia ludoviciana
White Sapote Casimiroa edulis
White Snakeroot Ageratina altissima
White Swamp Azalea Rhododendron viscosum
White Sweetclover Melilotus albus
White Bog Orchid, Tall Platanthera dilatata
White Trillium Trillium grandiflorum
White Turtlehead Chelone glabra
White Violet Viola striata
White Violet, Tall Viola canadensis
White Virgin's Bower Clematis vitalba
White Waterlily; Fragrant Waterlily Nymphaea odorata
White Wax Tree Ligustrum lucidum
White Wild Indigo Baptisia alba
White Willow Salix alba
White Woollywhite Hymenopappus scabiosaeus
White-flowered Milkweed Asclepias variegata
White-Leaved Sage Salvia leucophylla
Whitebract Blazingstar Mentzelia involucrata
Whitethorn Acacia Acacia constricta
Whorled Mallow Malva verticillata var. crispa
Whorled Milkweed; Narrow-leaved Milkweed Asclepias verticillata
Widowscross Sedum pulchellum
Wild American Rosemary Trichostema lantanum
Wild Anise Osmorhiza longistylus
Wild Anise, Clayton's Osmorhiza claytonii
Wild Basil Clinopodium vulgare, Satureja vulgaris
Wild Bergamot; Bee Balm Monarda fistulosa
Wild Betony Pedicularis bracteosa
Wild Blue Phlox Phlox divaricata
Wild Carrot Daucus carota
Wild Cherry Prunus serotina
Wild Chives Allium schoenoprasum var. sibericum
Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis
Wild Comfrey Cynoglossum virginianum
Wild Cucumber Marah macrocarpus
Wild Garlic Allium canadense
Wild Garlic Allium vineale
Wild Geranium Geranium maculatum
Wild Germander Teucrium canadense
Wild Ginger, British Columbia Asarum caudatum
Wild Ginger; Canada Snake Root Asarum canadense
Wild Ginger, European Asarum europaeum
Wild Ginger, Evergreen Asarum shuttleworthii
Wild Ginger, Mottled Asarum shuttleworthii
Wild Ginger, Shuttleworth's Asarum shuttleworthii
Wild Ginger, Western Asarum caudatum
Wild Hairy Petunia Ruellia humilis
Wild Hollyhock Iliamna rivularis
Wild Hyacinth Camassia scilloides
Wild Hydrangea Hydrangea arborescens
Wild Indigo Baptisia tinctoria
Wild Indigo, Blue Baptisia australis
Wild Indigo, Cream Baptisia bracteata var. leucophaea
Wild Indigo, Long-bracted Baptisia bracteata
Wild Indigo, White Baptisia leucantha
Wild Indigo, Yellow Baptisia sphaerocarpa
Wild Iris Iris versicolor
Wild Lettuce Lactuca serriola
Wild Licorice Glycyrrhiza lepidota
Wild Lupine Lupinus perennis
Wild Mint Mentha canadensis
Wild Oats Avena fatua
Wild Oats Avena sativa
Wild Onion Allium canadense
Wild Quinine Parthenium integrifolium
Wild Parsnip Pastinaca sativa
Wild Peony Paeonia lactiflora (red)
Wild Petunia Ruellia humilis
Wild Petunia Ruellia tweediana
Wild Petunia, Britton's Ruellia tweediana
Wild Petunia, Mexican Ruellia tweediana
Wild Phlox Phlox divaricata
Wild Poinsettia Euphorbia cyathophora
Wild Potato Vine Ipomoea pandurata
Wild Radish Raphanus sativus
Wild Rose Rosa arkansana
Wild Rose Rosa canina
Wild Scallions Allium vineale
Wild Senna Senna marilandica, Cassia marilandica
Wild Senna (tropical) Senna reticulata, Cassia reticulata
Wild Senna, Southern Senna marilandica, Cassia marilandica
Wild Sugar Apple Rollinia mucosa
Wild Sorrel Rumex hastulatus
Wild Strawberry Fragaria virginiana
Wild, Strawberry (European) Fragaria vesca
Wild Sweet Cicely; Wild Anise Osmorhiza longistylus
Wild Sweet William Phlox divaricata
Wild Teucrium Teucrium canadense
Wild Thyme Thymus polytrichus
Wild Thyme Thymus pulegioides
Wild Tobacco Nicotiana rustica
Wild Yam Dioscorea villosa
Wild Yam, Balkan Dioscorea balanica
Wild Yellow Lily Lilium canadense
Willow, Arroyo Salix lasiolepis
Willow, Black Salix nigra
Willow, Carolina Salix caroliniana
Willow, Fragile Salix fragilis
Willow, French Pussy Salix caprea var. pendula
Willow, Japanese Fantail Salix sachalinens
Willow, Purple Salix purpurea
Willow, Water Justicia americana
Willow, Weeping Salix babylonica
Willow, White Salix alba
Wilson's Yarrow Achillea wilsoniana
Wine Production (Barrels) Vitis vinifera
Windflower Anemone multifida
Windflower Pulstasilla vulgaris
Winecup Callirhoe digitata
Winged Calabash Crescentia alata
Winged Sumac Rhus copallina
Winged Yam Dioscorea alata
Wignut Pterocarya fraxinifolia
Wignut, Caucasian Pterocarya fraxinifolia
Winged Sumac Rhus copallina
Wingstem Verbesina helianthoides; Verbena arnotii
Winter Cherry Withania somnifera
Winter Cress; Yellow Rocket Barbarea vulgaris
Winter Jasmine Jasminum nudiflorum
Winter Jasmine, Flowering Jasminum nudiflorum
Winter Jasmine, Yellow Jasminum nudiflorum
Winter Savory Satureja montana
Wintergreen Gaultheria procumbens
Wintergreen, One-flowered Moneses uniflora
Wisteria, American Wisteria frutescens
Wisteria, Chinese Wisteria sinensis
Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana
Witch Hazel, Ozark Hamamelis vernalis
Witch Hazel, Vernal Hamamelis vernalis
Woad Isatis tinctoria (Isatis indigotica)
Woad, Dyer's Isatis tinctoria (Isatis indigotica)
Woad, Indigo Isatis tinctoria (Isatis indigotica)
Wolfbane Aconitum napellus
Wolfbane, Yellow Aconitum vulparia (A. lycocotonum subsp. vulparia)
Wolfsbane Aconitum napellus
Wolfbanes, Yellow Aconitum vulparia (A. lycocotonum subsp. vulparia)
Wolfberry Lycium barbarum
Wolfberry, Chinese Lycium chinense
Wolfberry, Fremont's Lycium fremontii
Woman's Tobacco Antennaria plantaginifolia
Wood Avens Geum urbanum
Wood Betony Pedicularis canadensis
Wood Cow-wheat Melampyrum nemorosum
Wood Horsetail Equisetum sylvaticum
Wood Lily Lilium philadelphicum
Wood Mint Blephellia cilata
Wood Mint, Downy Blephellia cilata
Wood Nettle Laportea canadensis
Wood Poppy Stylophorum diphyllum
Wood Sage Teucrium canadense
Wood Sorrel, Yellow Oxalis stricta
Wood Vetch Vicia caroliniana
Woodbine, Italian Lonicera caprifolium
Woodland Phlox Phlox divaricata
Woodland Pinkroot Spigelia marilandica
Woodland Stonecrop Sedum ternatum
Woodruff, Sweet Galium odoratum
Woodsorrel, Bermuda Oxalis pes-caprae
Woodsorrel, Yellow Oxalis stricta
Woody Nightshade Solanum dulcamara
Wooly Pipevine Aristolochia tomentosa
Woolly Blue Curls Trichostema lantanum
Woolly Breeches Hydrophyllum appendiculatum
Woolly Dutchman’s Pipe Aristolochia tomentosa
Woolly Foxglove Digitalis lanata
Woollywhite, White Hymenopappus scabiosaeus
Woolflower Celosia argentea
Wormseed Chenopodium ambrosioides
Wormwood Artemisia absinthium
Wormwood, Annual Artemisia annua
Wormwood, Gmelin's Artemisia gmelinii
Wormwood, Roman Artemisia pontica
Wormwood, Russian Artemisia gmelinii
Wormwood, Sweet Artemisia annua
Wormwood, Yin Chen Artemisia capillaris
Wort, Pestilence Petasites hybridus
Wrack, Knotted Ascophyllum nodosum
Wright's Sycamore Platanus wrightii
Wu-geng-wu-jia Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus
Wu-jia-pi Eleutherococcus senticosus
Wu-jia-pi Eleutherococcus gracilistylus
Wu-wei-zi Schisandra chinensis