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Scientific Names—G

Gaillardia pulchella Firewheel; Blanketflower, Indian Blanket, Sundance
Galanthus nivalis Galanthus, Snowdrops
Galega officinalis Goat's Rue
Galeopsis speciosa Galeopsis, Large-flowered Hemp Nettle; Bee Nettle
Galinsoga ciliata Hairy Galinsoga
Galium aparine Cleavers
Galium californicum California Bedstraw; California Galium
Galium odoratum Sweet Woodruff
Galium verum Yellow Bedstraw
Ganoderma lucidum Reishi Mushroom
Ganoderma tsugae Reishi Mushroom

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia
Garcinia mangostana Mangosteen
Garcinia morella Indian Gamboge-tree; Indian Camboge; Camboge; Batuan; Ireesvalsinni;
Garcinia tinctoria Himalayan Garcinia; Himalayan Garcinia; Yellow Mangosteen; False Mangosteen
Garcinia xanthochymus Himalayan Garcinia; Himalayan Garcinia; Yellow Mangosteen; False Mangosteen
Gardenia augusta Gardenia
Gardenia jasminoides Gardenia
Gaultheria procumbens Wintergreen, checkerberry, teaberry
Gaultheria shallon Salal; Shallon
Gelsemium sempervirens Yellow Jessamine; Gelsemium
Genipa americana Huito, Genipap, Jagua
Genista tinctoria Dyer's Broom
Gentiana cruciana Cross Gentian, Lincura Krstasta, Austrian Cross-wort; Croisette
Gentiana kochiana Trumpet Gentian

Gentiana lutea

Gentian, Yellow Gentian, Gentian Root
Gentiana lutea w/people FLASH GALLERY Gentian with people in Montenegro
Gentiana punctata Spotted Gentian
Gentiana purpurea Purple Gentian
Gentiana sino-ornata Chinese Gentian; Showy Chinese Gentian
Gentiana tibetica Tibetan Gentian, Qin Jiao
Gentiana verna Spring Gentian, Angulosa Gentian
Gentianella ciliata Fringed Gentiana
Geranium carolinianum Carolina Cranesbill; Carolina Geranium
Geranium maculatum Wild Geranium, Cranesbill
Geranium pratense Meadow Geranium
Geranium robertianum Herb Robert; Robert Geranium
Geranium sanguineum Blood Geranium
Geum canadense White Avens
Geum rivale Purple Water Avens
Geum urbanum Avens; Wood Avens; Herb Bennet; Colewort; St. Benedict's Herb
Gillenia stipulata Bowman's Root, Indian Physic, American ipecacuanna
Gillenia trifoliata Indian Physic, Bowman's Root

Ginkgo biloba leaf close-ups (horizontals)

Ginkgo leaf (horizontals)

Ginkgo biloba leaf close-ups (verticals)

Ginkgo leaf (verticals)
Ginkgo biloba leaf in autumn Ginkgo leaf in autumn
Ginkgo biloba in fruit Ginkgo fruit
Ginkgo biloba tree Ginkgo tree
Ginkgo biloba leaf production; Ginkgo Plantation, Ginkgo Farming Ginkgo leaf production; Ginkgo Plantation, Ginkgo Farming
Gladiolus Gladiolus
Glandularia bipinnata Dakota Mock Vervain
Glandularia canadensis (Verbena canadensis) Rose Verbena, Rose Vervain
Glechoma hederacea Ground Ivy
Gleditsia sinensis Chinese Honey Locust
Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust
Globularia cordifolia Heart-Leaved Globe Daisy
Gloriosa superba Gloriosa Lily; Gloriosa; Flame-lily; Glory-lily
Glucosamine Glucosamine (sourced from exoskeletins)
Glycine max Soybeans; Soy
Glycyrrhiza glabra Licorice
Glycyrrhiza lepidota American Licorice; Wild Licorice
Glycyrrhiza uralensis Chinese Licorice; Gan-cao
Gomphrena globosa Batchelor's Buttons
Goodyera pubescens Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
Gossypium hirsutum Cotton
Griffonia simplicifolia Griffonia
Grifola frondosa Maitake
Grindelia lanceolata Gumweed
Grindelia squarrosa Grindelia; Curlycup Gumweed
Grindelia strica var. platyphylla Coastal gumplant; Grindelia; Oregon Gumweed
Gymnadenia conopsea Fragrant Orchid
Gymnema sylvestre Gymnema
Gymnocladus dioica Kentucky Coffee Tree
Gynostemma pentaphyllum Jiao gu lan, Gynostemma
Gynura japonica Gynura japonica



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