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Scientific Names —H
Habenaria conopsea Fragrant Orchid
Habenaria dilatata Tall White Bog Orchid, Fragrant White Bog Orchid
Habenaria lacera Fringe Orchid; Ragged Fringed Orchid
Habenaria psycodes Small Purple Fringed Orchid
Haematoxylum campechianum Logwood
Hamamelis vernalis Vernal Witch Hazel
Hamamelis virginiana Witch Hazel
Harpagophytum procumbens Devil's Claw
Hedera helix English Ivy
Hedychium coronarium White Ginger; White Ginger Lily, Butterfly Ginger; Garland Lily
Hedychium flavescens Yellow Ginger Lily, Yellow Ginger, Cream Ginger
Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger, Yellow Indian Ginger
Hedyotis crassifolia Bluets
Helenium amarum Bitterweed, Sneezeweed, Bitter Sneezedweed, Yellowdicks, Threadleaves Sneezeweed
Helenium autumnale Sneezeweed, Common Sneezeweed
Helianthus annuus Sunflower
Helianthus tuberosus Jerusalem Artichoke
Helichrysum italicum Helichrysum, Immortelle
Heliconia hirstua Heliconia hirsuta
Heliconia jurana Heliconia jurana
Heliconia rostrata Heliconia rostrata, Hanging Lobster Claw
Heliconia stricta Heliconia stricta
Helleborus multifidus Hellebore
Helleborus niger Black Hellebore
Helleborus orientalis Lenten Rose, Oriental Hellebore
Helleborus torquatus Hellebore
Hemerocallis fulva Day Lily
Hemidesmus indicus Hemidesmus, Seriva, East Indian Sarsaparilla
Hepatica acutiloba Liverleaf, Hepatica, Acute-lobed Liverleaf
Hepatica americana Liverleaf
Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa Liverleaf
Hepatica nobilis var. acuta Liverleaf, Hepatica, Acute-lobed Liverleaf
Hepatica triloba var. acuta Liverleaf, Hepatica, Acute-lobed Liverleaf
Heracleum lantana Cow Parsnip
Heracleum maximum Cow Parsnip
Heracleum sphondylium subsp. montanum Cow Parsnip
Heracleum sphondylium var. lantana Cow Parsnip
Hesperis matronalis Dame's Rocket
Hibiscus coccineus Red Hibiscus
Hibiscus elatus Mahoe
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Hibiscus
Hibiscus sabdariffa Roselle
Hibiscus syriacus Rose-of-Sharon
Hibiscus tiliaceus Hau
Hieracium aurantiacum Orange Hawkweed
Hieracium caepitosum Meadow Hawkweed
Hierochloe odorata Sweet Grass
Hippophae rhamnoides Sea Buckthorn
Hoodia gordonii Hoodia
Hordeum vulgare Barley
Hosta plantaginea Hosta
Houstonia caerula Bluets
Houstonia pusilla Bluets
Houttuynia cordata Houttuynia
Humulus japonica Japanese Hops
Humulus lupulus Hops
Humulus lupulus Production Hops
Huperzia lucidula Lycopodium lucidulum, Clubmoss, Shiny Clubmoss
Huperzia serrata Huperzia
Hydrangea arborescens Gravel Root
Hydrangea quercifolia Oak-leaf Hydrangea
Hydrastis canadensis in flower Goldenseal in flower
Hydrastis canadensis in fruit Goldenseal in fruit
Hydrastis canadensis Plants in Forests and on Farms Goldenseal plants
Hydrastis canadensis Root Goldenseal root
Hydrocotyle asiatica (Centella asiatica) Gotu kola
Hydrophyllum appendiculatum Wolly Breeches, Great Waterleaf, Appendaged Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum macrophyllum Large-leaf Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum tenuipes Pacific Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum virginianum Waterleaf
Hygrophila auriculata Hygrophila, kokilaksha
Hymenocallis liriosme Spring Spiderlily
Hymenopappus scabiosaeus Old Plainsman; Hymenopappus
Hypericum perforatum Commercial Production St. John's Wort Farming
Hypericum perforatum Horizontals St. John's Wort Horizontals
Hypericum perforatum Verticals St. John's Wort Verticals
Hypericum prolificum Shrubby St. John's Wort
Hypericum pseudopunctatum False Spotted St. John's Wort
Hypericum punctatum Spotted St. John's Wort
Hypericum sphaerocarpum Field St. John's Wort
Hypoxis hirsuta Star Grass
Hyptis emoryi Desert Lavender
Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop



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