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Scientific Names—N
Nandina domestica Heavenly Bamboo
Narcissus poeticus subsp. radiiflorus Radial Narcissus
Narcissus radiiflorus Radial Narcissus
Narcissus spp. Daffodil, Narcissus
Nardostachys jatsamani Sungandhabala; Tagara; Indian Valerian
Nasturtium officinale Watercress
Nelumbo lutea American Lotus, Yellow Lotus, Yanquapin
Nelumbo nucifera Lotus, Sacred Lotus
Nelumbo nucifera in habitat at Lake Leatherwood City Park, Eureka Springs, Arkansas Lotus, Sacred Lotus
Nepeta cataria Catnip
Nepeta tenuifolia Schizonepeta, Jing-Jie
Neptunia lutea Yellow Puff
Nerium oleander Oleander
Neurolaena lobata Jackass Bitters
Nicotiana alata Nicotiana
Nicotiana rustica Wild Tobacco
Nicotiana tabacum Tobacco
Nigella damascena Love-in-a-Mist, Devil-in-a-Bush
Nigella hispanica Fennel-flower
Nigella sativa Black Cumin
Nolina texana Bear Grass, Texas Sacahuista
Northoscordom bivalve False Garlic, Crow Poison
Nuphar lutea Yellow Water Lily
Nuphar lutea subsp. polysepala Yellow Water Lily, Spatterdock
Nuphar polysepala Yellow Water Lily, Spatterdock
Nymphaea odorata Water Lily; Fragrant Water Lily
Nymphaea cultivars, Hardy Hardy Water-Lily Cultivars
Nymphaea cultivars, Tropical Tropical Waterlily Cultivars



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