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  1. Astragalus
  2. Black Cohosh
  3. Chamomile
  4. Chaste Tree
  5. Cranberry
  6. Echinacea
  7. Feverfew
  8. Garlic
  9. Ginger
  10. Ginkgo
  11. Ginseng
  12. Goldenseal
  13. Hawthorn
  14. Herbs and Energy
  15. Kava
  16. Licorice
  17. Milk Thistle
  18. Passionflower
  19. St. John's Wort
  20. Saw Palmetto
  21. Slippery Elm
  22. Witch Hazel
  23. Profile of America's Chief Herbalist: Jim Duke

  • American Botanical Council The American Botanical Council is a leading source of information on things herbal. One of the deepest websites for information on the use, regulation, and research on herbal medicines.
  • American Botanist Quality antiquarian agricultural and horticultural books.
  • Dr. James Duke's Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Database Great sources of information on all things herbal.
  • Herbalgram Home of the American Botanical Council.
  • is the website of herbalist Ed Smith, known to his friends as Herbal Ed. Ed was one of the first people to teach me about herbs. I attended a workshop with him in Boston in 1976 when he was literally working out of a fishing tackle box. Ed is co-founder of one of the most successful, high quality lines of herbal tinctures Herb Pharm, my own personal choice for high quality tinctures.
  • Herbalist & Alchemist is the website of herbalist, David Winston. People often ask me for a reliable source of various herbs. I often refer them to David's website.
  • Strictly Medicinal Seeds (formerly Horizon Herbs). Excellent source of a wide range of seeds for medicinal plants.
  • Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community America's oldest religous community, where I got my start in the herb business.
  • WHERE ARE WE? We are located in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas, well known as a gem of the Ozarks-a tourist destination with dozens of bed and breakfasts, restaurants and numerous spas. Visit:

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