Steven Foster Group, Inc

Imagery and Information on Medicinal Plants and Herbs Since 1974

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to serve the human-plant relationship. Recognizing that plants are vital for food, wellness, medicine, flavor and fragrance, we offer information and imagery on the source plants of human experience. In doing so we strive to introduce you to the plants in a way that inspires growth.

Artist's Statement

As a photographer specializing in medicinal and aromatic plants, my artistic goal is simply to capture the spirit and beauty of plants using natural ambient light. As a medicinal plant specialist and photographer, my work takes me around the world. Photo equipment is ever present. In my botanical photography, color, form and design offer themselves to the observant eye at the right time of day, in shade, in rain, or with clouds hiding harsh sunlight. These are the situations I strive to work in, which give me the best color saturation, the richest light, and the greatest challenge in exposure length, depth-of-field, and waiting for that still moment when a breath of air does not move the subject and offers up the detail values that I seek. I strive to know the plants that I photograph: their names, botany, history, and human connection (use) and feel their beauty.

About My Work

I love plants and sharing information and imagery about the human experience with medicinal and aromatic plants. My passion for photography has taken me around the world, not only photographing plants, but a wide variety of additional subjects. See links in the middle (dark) column on our home page for photo galleries of everything from the pyramids to waterfalls, some of which are also featured in the rotating banner at the top of the home page