Photos of Aralia nudicaulis, Small Spikenard, False Sarsaparilla, Wild Sarsaparilla.

Aralia nudicaulis, Small spikenard, False Sarsaparilla, Wild Sarsaparilla was used by native groups throughout its range as a pleasant-flavored root beverage tea, blood purifier, and a tonic used for lassitude, general debility, stomachaches, cough and to strengthen the blood. Roots eaten on treks for expeditions. Roots and berries fermented to make a beer. In folk tradition, root tea or tincture was used as a diuretic and blood purifier, also to promotes sweating and to treat stomachache, fevers, and coughs. Former substitute for true (tropical Smilax) sarsaparilla. Berries were used as a cordial for the treatment of gout. This plant was widely used as a tonic and blood purifier in nineteenth century America. Little used today.

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