Asimina triloba, Papaw, Pawpaw photos and information

Asimina triloba. “Papaw” or “pawpaw” is a name of East Indian (Hindustan) origin and refers to the fruit of the Papaya. Perhaps on account of their similar shape, the name was applied to the American Papaw. The Papaw has also been known as the American Custard pie, Custard Apple, Arkansas Banana, Wild Banana, and Fetidshrub. It is a member of the Custard Apple Family (Annonaceae), primarily of tropical Old World, and to a lesser extent, South American distribution. According to Foster & Duke (2014) A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants & Herbs, 3rd ed., fruit edible, delicious. Leaves insecticidal, diuretic, applied to abscesses. Seeds emetic, narcotic (produce stupor). Seeds and probably the leaves and bark contain potentially toxic, acetogenins. Leaves may cause rash.

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