Bignonia capreolata, Crossvine.

Crossvine, Bignonia capreolata, is a perennial climbing semi-evergreen vine found in the Southeastern United States growing along stream banks and shady edges of forests. Used by native groups and in 19th century medical practice as an infusion or decoction of the vine or the root as a substitute for sarsapailla, and as a "blood cleanser," diuretic, and to induce sweating. A peliminary study published in a 2012 issue of the International Journal of Pharmacognosy suggested (if verified) that the plant is the only known species not in the Apocyanceae that contains the indole alkaloid reserpine, generally found in Rauwolvia serpentina, used worldwide in the 1950s and beyond as a hypotensive and antipsychotic drug, though has fell from favor due to the risk of side effects, which could include dizziness, lethargy, heart rythym abnormalities, nausea, and diarrhea, among other adverse effects.

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