Images of Chimaphila maculata, Spotted Pipsissewa

Stock images of Chimaphila maculata, Spotted Pipsissewa. Photos © 2011 Steven Foster. Please contact us for pricing and terms at or call +1-479-253-2629.

Five phtographs of Chimaphila maculata, Spotted Pipsissewa; Ericaceae, Heath Family. The white mottled leaves of make this plant easy to identify. Physicians formerly used leaf tea for bladder stones, kidney inflammation, prostatitis, and related conditions. Science confirms diuretic, tonic, astringent, urinary antiseptic, and antibacterial activity. Chimaphilin has antiseptic, antibacterial and blood-thinning activities.


Please contact Steven Foster for pricing and terms at or call +1-479-253-2629.


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