Cocos nucifera, Coconut, Coconut Tree, Coconut Palm.

Cocos nucifera, Coconut, Coconut Tree, Coconut Palm is one of the most iconic and familiar tropical trees. Coconut oil developed extensively in the 1840s after the establishment of Price's Patent Candle Company, which provided cheap candles with good light to the British market. Broom and brush-making from the husks also became an important business. The fiber was important for stuffing mattresses and for floor coverings. The tree an important food source, is known from much of the world's tropical beaches, given its ability to disperse fruit which floated great distances at sea until reaching an apprproiate place to grow. The leaves were used in India as a blood purifier, and of course, according to John Jackson of Kew writing in 1871, "nothing can possibly be more refreshing to a thirsty traveller under a tropical sun than a good draught of fresh cocoa-nut milk."

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