Photos of Commiphora myrrha, Myrrh

Myrrh, the gum-resin of Commiphora myrrha and other Commiphora species is an ancient herbal ingredient, frequently mentioned in the Bible, and whose medicinal value is treated by all ancient Greek and Roman writers on materia medica. Internally, it is a stimulant tonic in dyspepsia, an expectorant and emmenagogue. Topically, applied for spongy gums, aphthous sore mouth of children, and "unhealthy" ulcers. Considered astringent, healing. Tonic and stimulant. Grieve in A Modern Herbal (1931) notes, "A direct emmenagogue, a tonic in dyspepsia, an expectorant in the absence of feverish symptoms, a stimulant to the mucous tissues, a stomachic carminative, exciting appetite and the flow of gastric juice, and an astringent wash." Topical preparations applied to mouth sores or highly diluted as a gargle.

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