Erythronium albidum, White Trout Lily, White Fawnlily.

Erythronium albidum, White Trout Lily, White Fawnlily flowers are white, leaves mottled. It is found from Ont. to Ga. Ky., Ark., Okla. to Minn. Historically fresh leaves and roots stewed in milk were applied to sores, particularly scrofulous sores, or "king's evil" an infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis which manifests outside of the lungs. It was historically known as an antiscrofulous treatment, when root was used fresh or recently dried, primarily because of acrid, irritating effects (which translates to toxicity). Also emetic, like the acrid bulbs of many liliaceous plants. It might have worked prior to antibiotics, but the best thing to do with this plant is simply leave it alone and appreciate if for it's beauty. An early spring ephemeral often in large sterile populations with few flowers.

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