Photos of Hepatica americana, Anemone americana, Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa, Hepatica triloba var. americana, roundlobed hepatica, round-lobed liverleaf.

Hepatica americana, roundlobed hepatica, round-lobed liverleaf. The flowers of this early-blooming vernal woodland wildflower, seen flowering as early as mid-February in northern Arkansas, range from white, to pale or deep blue or violet. Various native groups including the Cherokee and Iroquois used plant decoctions for abdominal pain, a blood purifier, shortness of breath and other conditions. Noted as a cough medicine about 1830, it was an obscure medicinal plant until the 1880s when patent medicines promising to treat liver disease and purify the blood created an immediate demand. So great in fact, that in 1883, a demand for over 425,282 pounds of the herb was created. It is a lovely, early wildflower in the eastern deciduous forest.

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