Photos of Ipomoea quamoclit, Cypress vine, Cardinal Climber.

Ipomoea quamoclit, Cypress vine is native from Central America to northern Mexico. An annual introduced into horticulture, it is widely naturalized in the Southeastern United States, Africa, northern South America, warmer regions of Asia and Australia. According to Foster and Duke in the 3rd edition of A Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants (2014, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt): "A South American folk medicine for pain-relieving and purgative effects. Externally applied to carbuncles, snakebites, sores, and piles. In India the leaves are eaten as a potherb; also for treatment of ulcer and breast pain; externally applied to carbuncles, bleeding piles (hemorrhoids), snakebite, and as a purgative. In Australia it has been used as a purgative and snakebite remedy. Reported to contain various alkaloids, cyanogenic glycosides, and jalapin."

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