Photos of Iris pseudacorus, Yellowflag Iris, Yellow Iris, Paleyellow Iris, Sweet Sedge, Yellow Flag, Water Flag

Iris pseudacorus, Yellowflag Iris is native to marshy areas in most of Europe. Iris derives its name from an ancient Egyptian concept meaning "eye" refering to the eye of heaven, given the beauty of iris flowers. The dried leaves of Yellowflag Iris have been used for thatch, weaving chair bottoms, and with up to 60 percent fibers, once used for paper-making. The seeds were once roasted for a coffee-like beverage, and the flowers used as a yellow dye. The highly astringent root was used to make a black dye. The root, like that of other Irises, has been used as a cathartic and vermifuge, which may point more to potential toxicity rather than medicinal value.

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