Juglans cinerea, Butternut, White Walnut

Juglans cinerea, Butternut, White Walnut is threatened and declining dramatically throughout its native range in eastern North America due to a fungal disease called butternut canker. An important food, fixed oil, medicinal and material plant in colonial America. When imported laxatives were scarce during the Revolutionary War, an extract of Butternut inner bark was widely used as a laxative, and also considered useful for dysentery. It was a specialty item sold by the Shakers. Various Native American groups used bark tea for rheumatism, headaches, toothaches and to stop bleeding and promote healing of wounds. Oil from nuts used for tapeworms, fungal infections. Leaves fragrant and when powdered were used externally to treat ringworm. Tapped in spring for its sap, boiled down to Butternut syrup and sugar, which is comparable to that from Sugar Maple.

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