Monotropa uniflora, Indian Pipe, Indianpipe, Ice Plant, Ghost Plant.

Monotropa unifllora, Indian Pipe, Indianpipe. Once called Ice Plant because it resembles frozen jelly and “melts” when handled. Also called Bird’s Nest, in reference to the shape of the entangled root fibers. This vascular, flowering member of the heatlh family (Ericaceae) saprophytic perennial, without chlorophyll. Cherokee used pulverized root for fits, epilepsy and convulsions; plant juice for inflamed eyes, bunions, warts. The Mohegan drank tea for aches and pains due to colds. Tea or tincture used as antispasmodic, nervine, sedative for restlessness, pains, nervous irritability. Of conserrvation concern due to overharvest by modern herbalists.

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