Photos of Pinus echinata, Short-leaf Pine, Shortleaf Pine, Yellow Pine

Pinus echinata, Shortleaf Pine, Yellow Pine, was referred to in eighteenth century America as three-leaved prickly-coned bastard pine. It was introduced into England by the mid-seventeenth century. This species has long-been one of the most important lumber trees from the southern United States. Pine tar pellets from the tree were used as a cathartic and were said to be good for lame back by the Nanticoke Community of Delware, according to anthropologist Frank G. Speck (1881-1950). Resinous products such as turpentine are produced from young trees. The fine-grained durable wood was valued for ship-building especially masts and spars. Francois Michaux (1819, vol. 3, p. 112) states, "Long experience has proved its excellence and durability. In the Northern and Middle states, and in Virginia, to the distance of 150 miles from the sea, nine-tenths of the houses are built entirely of wood, and the floors, the casings of the doors and wainscots, the sashes of the windows, etc. are made of this species, as it is more solid and lasting than any other indigenous wood."

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