Photos of Punica granatum, Pomegranate in flower, Pomegranate seeds, Pomegranate fruit, Pomegranates

Punica granatum , originating in the Cacuasus region to Afghanistan, including modern Syria, Iraq and Iran, pomegranate is now grown in subtropical climates throughout the world. Pomegranate as a medicinal herb is mentioned by all ancient writers on medicine. Even into the nineteenth and early twentieth century the bark and bark of the root were highly regarded as a powerful treatment for tape works. The flowers and fruit rinds were considered tonic and astringent used to treat leucorrhea and chronic dysentery. The acidic juice and seeds were used for fevers. Pomegranate fruits attributes of health benefits reads like a list of cure-alls. Research suggests it may be useful in problems associated with aging, has a broad range of antimicrobial activities, might help fight infections, be beneficial in diabetes, and may reduce dental plaque. Many of those benefits may be attributed to pomegranate’s potent antioxidant activity.

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