Rosa gallica, Apothecary Rose, Red Rose, French Rose

Rosa gallica, Apothecary Rose, Red Rose, French Rose, used in medicine and perfumery since ancient times, originating in warmer regions of Europe, Asia Minor, the Caucasus, and adjacent regions. It was introduced to northern Europe by the thirteenth century. In pharmacy it is traditionally considered slightly astringent, but mostly was used as a vehicle for other medicines. Its very fragrant flowers are used to distill a fine essential oil, make rose water, medicinal conserves and confections an aid to help the medicine go down. A quote from Rimmel's 1867 Book of Perfumes: "Rose-water is still held in high repute in the East, and when a stranger enters a house, the most grateful token of welcome that can be offered to him is to sprinkle him over with rose-water, which is done by means of a vessel with a narrow spout called gulabdan." Would that such traditions delivered with a sweeping bow flourished today.

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