Photos of Tephrosia virginiana, Virginia Tephrosia, Goats Rue, Catgut, Devils Shoestring, Galega virginiana.

Tephrosia virginiana, Virginia Tephrosia, Goat's Rue, once classified as Galega virginiana hence associated historically with the European Goat's Rue, Galega officinalis, source of galegine from which synthetic blood sugar-reducing guanidines are derived, such as metforin. Also known as catgut because of the resemblance of the root to same. Another name by which it is known in the ethnobotanical literature is devil's shoestring, associated with use as a fish poison, well into the 20th century in Oklahoma. Also historically used to expel worms. Contain the insecticide rotenone. This beautiful wildflowers requires further study.

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