Zizania palustris, Northern Wild Rice.

Zizania palustris, Zizania aquatica var. angustifolia, Zizania aquatica var. interior, Northern Wild Rice, found in slow moving waters, ponds and lakes, was a staple food of native groups throughout its range. One of four species found in North America and East Asia, all of which are highly valued as the sources of wild rice. According to John D. Hunter (1823) in his Manners and Customs of Several Indian Tribes Located West of the Mississippi, cholera morbus [severe gastroenteritis] was treated with steam baths and copious doses of wild rice gruel and wild licorice tea. The solid base of the Chinese species Zizania latifolia is considered a choice vegetable. For a detailed account of wild rice see Albert Ernest Jenkin's "The Wild Rice Gatherers of the Upper Lakes" Ninteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 1897-98, Part 2 (1901) pp. 1019-1137.

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